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Wicked Woodruff Ghost Stories!

"Waking Nightmares"

Submitted by: Alexandria Paige

"This house is not exactly in McCrory but, almost in Cotton Plant. We had moved into this house around the time I turned 13. The moment we moved into this house we had things happen.

First thing to happen, my mom and I were sitting in the living room when all of a sudden we see the front door open by it self all the way open. I walked up thinking maybe someone was there but, there was no one. We would hear our names being called all the time. My mom has even thought I was home because she would here "momma" but, she would realize i was at school.

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This was the became a lot worse as years past. Like seeing people walk by. We would have company over and they would see someone walking down the hallway. One night I was in my room almost asleep when I heard a deep demonic like voice say my name. I was frozen in fear! I screamed for help. I slept in my parents room that night! My mom was pregnant and she was sleeping when she woke up to two mid-wives standing over her with masks over their face. She woke my dad up and was told maybe it was just a dream. But later on I had woke up to an Indian man standing at the foot of the bed looking at me. We had eye contact for a good long minute which seemed forever. Then he disappeared. Maybe it was a dream. But how do you explain this?

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I was getting ready for bed one night. I was brushing my teeth when I saw something on the corner of my eye moving in the floor. I turned and looked and it was a boy with black hair crawling at me! It was as real as can be! I thought my aunt or mom was pranking me so I tried to touch it when it crawled away fast down the hall! I screamed! I seen my mom was in bed and my aunt was in the living room the whole time!

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I was so scared of what would happen next. Every night I couldn't sleep. I would hear voices whispering. My mom would hear knocking at the door no one was there. At one point we had thought someone broke in the house and had our grandpa come down to look all in the house and there was nothing. After living there 8 years we moved. No one has since lived there long. And it is abandoned 'til this day.... "

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