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Wicked Woodruff Ghost Stories!

"Old Woodruff County Hospital"

This story had been tugging at the back of mind when yesterday Mr. Shawn Peebles sent this photo to our facebook page..

Old Woodruff County Hospital - Breakroom


Do you see it? Let's look again.

Enhanced Window


So, The Old Woodruff County Hospital has been mostly abandoned for quite a while. But, a portion of it has been used during harvest as a dormitory for migrant workers. It was the migrant workers while living on premise who brought these strange events to the attention of Sebourn Paranormal Investigations during the fall of 2017.

The workers reported seeing the woman in the above picture, as well as a man in a doctors coat and a small boy. While investigating the building in November of 2017, the investigative team didn't actually encounter apparitions. They did however, hear things that went bump in the night, encountered orbs with other-wordly mists, and captured several EVP's (electronic voice phenomena).

Green Haze in Hospital Break Room

Read the full report of thier investigation @

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