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Wicked Woodruff Ghost Stories

"John B's"

By Christie Curbo - McCrory, AR

I have a ghost story from McCrory.... while working at John B's (on Edmonds Ave -one of the first homes built in McCrory) approx 10 years ago, i was working in the second floor when the weather suddenly took a bad turn, sirens went off, electricity went out and in no time every customer in the place vacated to find shelter.

311 N. Edmunds Ave., McCrory, AR 72101


The only people left were the owners and employees. During all of this craziness everyone decided to go out to the porch and watch the skies. I didn't, instead raising the blinds on the windows that faced south. Since the electricity was off i could not only see the funnel cloud south of town but could see my reflection. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw who I thought was a coworker walking down the hall. Wanting her to see the tornado i called her name several times but got no reply. Finally i heard someone coming up the stairs and she came into the room asking if i was calling her name. I asked her where she went. Confused she said, "I was out on the porch with everyone else when we heard you yelling that's when i came to see what you wanted!" So who had I seen walking down the hall?

After the lights came back on and we worked to get everything back in order another employee told me this story....while working on the same floor one night busing tables alone she looked out into the hall to see a small black man wearing a crisp, starched white uniform pushing a cart. He asked her, "Ma'am do you need help?" She answered, "No! I got this!" He nodded and pushed his cart on down the hall. Scared beyond belief, she quickly vacated the second floor telling everyone she would never work anywhere but downstairs again.


Did you ever experience something strange at John B's? Let us know!

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