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Wicked Woodruff Ghost Stories

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

"That Spooky Feeling"

submitted by: Laurie England Karch

Miss Edna Brannon ("Little Bobby’s" Mom) and my Mom (Pat England) were best friends. Little Bobby and I have talked in length about this. He doesn’t believe in ghosts but, remembers the stories. [Editors note: This story takes place at what used to be the Brannon house, which has now passed to new ownership.]

When I was 4 years old, we were at Miss Edna's. She had a huge game room off the garage. My mom saw a shadow walk down the hall from the game room to the kitchen. She quickly got up to check on the boys (my brother, Bobby, and Todd). They were all asleep. I was sitting next to my mom in the game room and REMEMBER THIS SO WELL!

I said, "Mommy... Miss Edna just blew on my neck". We were the only 3 up and Miss Edna was in the kitchen. She did not blow on my neck. Then, Miss Edna starts screaming for mom to come in the kitchen! Mom walks down the hall and it was freezing cold. The hall was the warmest room in the house due to the washer/dryer being there. But, at that moment it was icy cold. Miss Edna's dog startsed uncontrollably whining.. I remember the fear and that something wasn’t right. The game room from that night on had cold spots around the room!

Stock Photo - Not Brannon Home

Another night, Miss Edna called Mom really upset - she said it sounded like someone jumped up in her hall and ran their fingers across the vent in the ceiling. As they were on the phone, Miss Edna said she felt a presence and looked up. The dust was gone from the vent due with marks like fingers had run across it! A few moments later Miss Edna said, "it’s ok and the feeling is gone". The presence was gone.

They started doing research on the land her house was on. Something about a hole was there that a man lived it. Mom can’t doesn’t really remember but thinks that’s what they found.

Stock Photo - Not The Brannon Home

Did you ever have anything happen to you when you were a child, at home or at a friend's house?

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