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Meeting of the Minds - Early 1960's

Mr. Robert Buckles sent us a treasure trove this week and we’ll be posting a lot of photos in the following weeks!

We LOVE this photo - early 60’s at Cannon’s or Community Drug Store!

Dr. Frank, George Beard, Glen Taggart, Kennady Sale, Coach King, Dr. Dodd?Special thanks to Bobby Brannon, Terry & Bill Gregory, Jon Hyde, Jon Ford, and June & Burl Simmons for helping identify this photo!

Arthur Bowie: "both Cannon and Community Drug had regular coffee/B.S. groups every weekday morning. Before dial telephone, you could just tell the operator who you wanted to talk with and she would track them down, and knew which drug store they would be in mid morning."

Garland Budder Lambert: "I remember Dr.Dodd would give kids little vials of mercury for being a good patient, we called them “bugs”.

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