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Last Minute Pie

This is the easiest and cutest way to dress up a store bought or home-made pie! If you're running late, out of time, stressing about a last minute invitation or potluck, no problem. You can still wow at whatever event it is with this simple easy trick.

Start with a pumpkin pie (because it's fall and Thanksgiving, though I guess sweet potato could also be used). You may use homemade or store-bought, but if you're late, I suggest just going to the store. Either use new fake leaves, or clean FRESH leaves from a tree (not on the ground and peed on by a dog). This works best if you clip nice leaves that are still alive-ish. Wash them anyway and let them dry. Then lay them gently on top of the pie, flat side down to try to get as close to the pie as possible. Next, take some powdered sugar and a sifter and gently sift the powdered sugar on top of the pie. Remove the leaves and voila! Easy autumn-inspired pie design!

This technique can also add a little flourish to a serving plate if don't want the leaves to touch your food directly.

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