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Is it "Flight Day" yet?

"We're holding, year in and year out, the largest concentration of Mallards in North America."

~ Boyd Wright, 2016

Mallard Masters was started by a resourceful group of Augusta Chamber Members who wanted to use the passions and resources of our small town to bring people back to Woodruff County, AR.

At one time Woodruff County boasted a population of 22,700 residents - Augusta alone peaking in 1980 at 3,500.

"Augusta has been looking for an answer for years on how we stop the erosion. The reality of farming has changed forever. You don't need the same number of people you used to back in the day. This was a farming community. We've had three factories that have sat empty in our county for 15 years."

Arkansas Democrate Gazette 8/08/16

The Mallard Master proceeds are used to provide Augusta High School Seniors who qualify for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship with additional funds.

But, what happens after the hunt? If you think the hunt is it then you are missing a major a event because these dogs don't go home early! This year's "Tail Feather's and Tamales" will feature Tragikly White as the headline band!

"It’s our awards banquet, silent auction, live band, party, music and libations. We wanted to put on something classy, something white tablecloth, something you can bring your grandchild to that’s getting into the sport, where you’re comfortable whether you’re 18 or you’re 80."

Come fly with us! And send us your teams photos!

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