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I See God In Augusta.... with the Cardinals


A few weekends ago, Lizzie (my five-year-old) and I were in our family room one Saturday morning. The whole back wall of that room is glass, looking out onto our deck and backyard. That Friday I had refilled the bird feeder in the backyard. Lizzie noticed the flurry of cardinals that were enjoying some Saturday morning breakfast, and then she suddenly became alarmed. Lizzie started to shout about her Grandmamma, Terry Gregory, and that Grandmamma was dead! I tried to calm her down, and ask her what she meant and tell her that I had spoken to her that morning so she was not actually dead.

Apparently, a few days earlier, my little macabre Lizzie had talked to Terry about death. Terry explained that when she died, she would come back as a cardinal to visit her. When Lizzie saw the cardinals in our yard, she immediately thought it was Terry as an angel to say hello! All was well when we walked over to confirm that Terry was alive.

For me, it is the small things like cardinals visiting as angels in the backyard where I see faith in Augusta. It is moments like the joy of a child and the love shared between her and her grandmother that reminds me of the higher power.

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