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Good Mourning Augusta! 10/7/19

"Was L.J. Crocker Really William Clark Qauntrill?"

- By Rebecca Lane Boyles

Part One

In 1867 a man by the name of Leonard Joshia Crocker arrived in our city. He was accompanied by his wife, "Gabby", and daughter named Laura Lee. He soon bought land in the Gregory area from William Gregory. By 1870 Crocker owned around 2,215 acres of land and was said to be one of the largest land owners in Gregory.


Many who met him liked him. He was said to be a quiet, unassuming person who mainly kept to himself.

But, could he have had another life? A life as as the Confederate Raider known as William Clark Quantrill?

Come back tomorrow to continue the story of these two (or maybe just one!) men...

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