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Good Mourning Augusta! 10/6/19

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

"A Song to Die For"

By Michelle Lane

Down here (Augusta, Arkansas, The "South", earth), there are literally some songs that are "to die for"!

"We are by nature, a spiritual people. Ad so we speak of death not as the end of a life but as the begining of a return journey home, where we belong. Our people don't die - they return to Glory."

~ Southern Living 2017, Valerie Leusse

Jubilee Singers


We are all raised knowing that there are certain songs that will be sung when someone has "Gone to Glory". (Or as I say "Passed" because "Dead" just sounds rude AND honestly? I'm not really sure certain people have " Gone to Glory" Or, they if have WHERE???)

BUT, I'd agree with Ms. Luesse that the hymn selection of a classic southern funeral has 5 points that must be addressed:


Obviously we're talking about The River Jordan. For those of you who were snoozing in Sunday School - The River Jordan is the river the Israelites crossed into "The Promised Land"

This is where we get "One More River to Cross", "I'll be Waiting by the River for You", "When I Cross the River".. (go ahead, I know you're singing!)


2. There's gonna be a forecast - typically you'll be made aware of it once we've "Crossed the River"!

Really, most especially in area primarily supported by agriculture the weather is definitely going to influence our lives and our deaths.

"On Jordan's Stormy Banks"

"All Things Bright and Beautiful"

"The Unclouded Day"


3. We're going to get there SOMEHOW! Rather by rail, flying, whatever!

(Pretty obvious but just in case)

"I'll Fly Away"

"Life's Railway to Heaven"




4. There will be REAL ESTATE!

By the way - I'm not aiming for a Mansion. I've only asked for a Mausoleum! My Momma and friends are well aware of this! She did rather nastily point out the Shoup Mausoleum is empty though... THAT'S a separate post!

"Mansion Over the Hilltop"

"Surely Goodness & Mercy"

Schoup Mausoleum - Crescent Hill / Augusta Memorial Park


5. We're going to have a reunion!

"When we all get to Heaven"

"What a Reunion!"

Charleston Choir


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