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Good Mourning Augusta! 10/21/19

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

"Freemasons on the Hill"

By Michelle Lane

The Masons are recognized as the largest fraternal organization in the world. Also called "Freemasons", their primary symbol is the square and compass. Sometimes, inside the symbol is the letter G. It is debated rather the G stands for God or for Geometry.

Here we have a man named "Mason", who also happened to be a Mason!


Mason / Freemason's origins can become a little confusing or murky. It's generally agreed by historians that they part were part of the stonemasons who built the great Cathedrals all across Europe. The nature of of their jobs - moving from site to site and being self-employed - made them "Free Masons. When they worked on a large job they banded together to form "lodges".

The mason symbol has faded with age on this stone along with the stones lettering.


Besides the square and compass, the "all-seeing eye" is a very recognized Masonic symbol. It's also one of the mysterious images on the reverse of the dollar bill. Many of our founding fathers were masons; George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, etc. As a matter of fact, Washington's Continental Army has been described as a "Masonic Convention"!

Join us again tonight for our first "Wicked Woodruff Ghost Story @ 6pm by Christie Curbo of McCrory, AR!

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