• Michelle Lane

Good Mourning Augusta! 10/14/19

"My Love for a Mausoleum"

By Rebecca Lane Boyles

Ok, so maybe she didn't say that.. But, having young children, Shoup soon married a young widow. Her name was Mary Belle "Maimie" Hooper.

It was at Mary Belle's request the Mausoleum was built. Inside the brick building is placed a double stone casket designed to hold the bodies of both D.P. Shoup and "Mamie", his 2nd wife.

Mary Belle and D.P. Shoup

D.P. Shoup died January 10, 1929. He was 77 years old and interred in the Mausoleum.

"Mamie" who the Mausoleum was built for moved away after his death and her side was never used.

So, there you have it! Alas, no portal to another dimension!

However, tomorrow we'll talk about an interesting adventure while "hunting for history"!



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