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Good Mourning Augusta! 10/13/19

"Shoup's Early Years"

By Rebecca Lane Boyles

Daniel Pound "D.P." Shoup was born on August 7, 1851 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. While still an infant his family moved to Yell County, Arkansas. The story goes that in 1875, he came to Augusta with only a coin in his pocket which he promptly threw in the White River so he could say, "he started without a penny to his name".

Daniel Pound "D.P." Shoup -


He first worked as a farm farmhand until he earned enough money to buy some land. He eventually owned a cotton farm of around 1,400 acres. In 1880 he opened a Mercantile that was quite successful.

On January 1, 1875 he married Elizabeth Elva Gullic. They had 4 children who lived to adulthood. She was born on January 26, 1854 and died April 18, 1892 at only 38 years of age.


Elva is buried on Crescent Hill. Her headstone is located in the family plot next to the Mausoleum.

Tomorrow we'll talk about the construction of the mausoleum!

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