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Good Mourning Augusta! 10/12/19

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

By Rebecca Lane Boyles

In the middle of Augusta Memorial Park / Crescent Hill is a small brick building. See as this is the only one in our cemetery, there was a lot of speculation from a child as to what it really was. The least inspired was, "just a tool shed". The most imaginative I've been privy to being, "a portal to a different dimension".

Shoup Mausoleum - Crescent Hill / Augusta Memorial Park


My Grandmother set me straight at an early age. She explained it was so people who peferred NOT to be buried in the ground could have their bodies housed in a stone casket called a "sarcophagus" and placed in a building built for that purpose.

The explanation was supposed to kill our interest but, such novelty only added to it!

Tomorrow we'll be talking about the story behind "The Shoup Mausoleum"..

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