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Good Mourning Augusta! 10/11/19

We've spent the week hearing about Crocker / Quantrill - today let's visit the man himself!

L.J. Crocker & Laura Lee Crocker - Crescent Hill Cemetery


The Crocker grave site is found on the top of the hill in Crescent Hill / Augusta Memorial Cemetery. It contains one other mystery.

Crocker had adopted adopted a yound boy and called him Joshua. The boy was murdered when he was 11 years old. Crocker said he knew who killed him but never told and no one was ever arrested. What another pointless death in a time that saw all too many of them.

In addition to Crocker himself and Joshua, Crocker's daughter was laid to rest on Crescent Hill.


Only Crocker's wife was able to eventually walk away from Crescent Hill. She remarried after his death and is buried in Missouri.

Crocker Site - Facing West - Crescent Hill

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