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64 years ago today, February 2, 1955, Elvis Presley performed at Augusta High School. There is little information or documentation of it based on our early investigations. There was a small advertisement in the newspaper, and a small story buried in the Augusta Advocate from the week before. To our knowledge, there is not a follow up article and we have yet to find a picture of the concert. There is nothing in the Augusta High School yearbook from 1955 about the performance.

Can you imagine? We had him right here!

Elvis had connections to Augusta, likely because of his hometown being in Memphis. Mr. George Paul Eldridge shared some stories with me of his own time in Memphis at George Paul's Last Call and interactions with Elvis.

Mr. Pomtree worked in Memphis and Elvis was his personal and regular customer. Mr. Pomtree sold Elvis his stage wear for the artist himself and his band.

There are legends like that of Elvis cruising on motorcycles through town with former Augusta Mayor Marjie Malin. Or one of the Augusta elite refusing to allow Elvis to use her telephone when his car broke down in Augusta because he was "a greaser" - likely well before he was famous!

Do you remember Elvis being in Augusta?

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