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Devil Gazette - April 11, 1947

We found this and wanted to share what was going on today in 1947 with you - courtesy of the Devil Gazette!


The Senior play “Boy Gets Girl”, will be presented today in the high school.  There will be a matinee at 2pm and the evening performance will begin at 7:45pm.

The admission for both performances will be 15 cents below the seventh grade, 25cents for high school, and 35 cents for adults.


In the Easter Program given April 4th in the High School Auditorium, the Rev. S.O. Patty, Pastor of The Methodist Church, gave a talk on Easter and why we should set aside this day for starting anew in Christian spirit.

Charlene Peebles sang “Easter Parade”.

The second year home ec. Girls modeled their new spring dresses which they had made for Easter.

The program closed with the student body singing Easter songs.


Miss Reeves, with the assistance of Miss Brooks, is sponsoring a program for the May Day Festival.

The physical education girls will be the cast of the program. The senior physical education class will build pyramids to the rhythm of music; the junior class physical education girls will do the folk dances.  The program will be climaxed with a May Pole dance.


Ninth, tenth, and twelfth grades chose “Cotton”, while the eleventh grade chose “Soya Beans” as their topic for the annual theme contest sponsored by The Rotary Club.  Trade products in North and South America is the topic which the seventh and eigth grades have chosen.

A first prize of $5, second $3, and third $2, will be awarded.  The contest will end Friday, April 25.


The spring meeting of The Woodruff County Education Association was held at Hunter, Thursday, April 3rd.

Registration was from 10 to 10:30am.  Mrs. Ross of Little Rock began the program with a demonstration of teaching art.

At 11:30 there were two sectional sessions. Miss Wilkerson, with some children from Cotton Plant, demonstrated the teaching of physical education for the grade teachers.  At the same time N.D. Leedham, B.E. Whitmore, Clyde Koon, J.D. Moore, and Miss Lula Canahes lead the high school panel discussion on “Guidance and Discipline”.

In the afternoon Dean H. Whiteside, State Supervisor of rural education, spoke on “Techniques of Teaching”.

The meeting was well attended and pronounced by Laura Conner teachers as one of the most beneficial county teachers’ meetings ever held.


Published bi-weekly by the journalism class of Augusta High School, Augusta, Arkansas

Editor-in-Chief …… Homer Graddy

Assistant Editor …… Betty A. Kittrell

News Editor …… Anna Robbins

Sports Editor …… Dexter Collins

Grade Editor …… Ruby Strange

Art Editors …… Raymond Boyles, Guy Ramsey, and Hugh Lindsey

Business Manager …… Sue Lockhart

Production Manager ….. Margie Grayson

Circulation Manager ….. Bonnie Covington

Typist ….. Mary Nelle Chaney, Ruby Strange, Wanelle Friand, Joe Wood, & Betty Mills

Reporters …… Max Coles, Hoyle Lindsey, Hunt Foster, Chester Moon, Charlene Peebles, Ima Jean Coles, John Poe, Betty Ann Kittrell, Wanda Sullivan, John Taylor, and W.R. Harris

Faculty Sponsors .. Mrs. Harris, Miss Ellenburg


Have the younger people any place to go where their parents approve? Do they have any activity what so ever? Well I can tell you. No, they haven’t. Why? Because people haven’t boasted anything that has been brought up for activity for the younger people.

Maybe the older people have not thought about this problem but the younger ones have given it a lot of thought, and it is a real problem to them.

Every one has this going over in his mind. “We didn’t have any activity such as that in our days, so why can’t the younger people of today do so we did?” Well, times have changed now. This is a newer and more modern world.

Finally some people started thinking of the young people and made the suggestion that a swimming pool would be ideal. Naturally, all of us thinks this idea is wonderful. If all the people would just get behind this idea and boost it, it wouldn’t be very long before all the people, old and young would have a place to go swimming.

The clubs of Augusta have gotten together and had a couple of basketball games. The money will be given for the swimming pool. If there were a few more things like that given for the benefit of a few more boosters, things would begin to look better and brighter to the young people. This town needs something like that. So, won’t you all pitch in and help? Just think of your young children; friends and relatives and when they ask you to help, just pitch in and help all you can.


“No wonder teachers got gray haired so quickly.” That was spoken by the sponsor of a class who has to put up with things at night play practice.

“Where did I put my lunch tray? It’s time for me to go on.” “Where is the table that is supposed to be on the Stage?” “Hey! Ray! It’s time for you to go on.” “Now where is he? He’s never here.

Crash!” “Who threw that stick out on the stage?” These things are just a very few of the happenings that go on at play practice.

Some of the kids stretch out some where and go to sleep. One or two go across the street to the little store. These are the one’s that don’t get on the stage at the right time. Then of course there are a few loafer who just fail to get there on time because they just can’t hurry. When they finally get on the stage they forget their lines.


Y.B.M.C defeated The Rotary Club, 25-14 Tuesday night, Apri 8.  “Peanut” Ramsey, Noel Gregory, John B. Beard were the hot pistols for the Y.B.M.C.  The “Big Gun” was Gene Taylor.  The Rotary Club fought hard and at one time they looked as if they were going to be the winners.  Their attack was led by Curtis King, Jack Keeling, and Mr. J.T. (speed merchant) Gillespie.

The Rotary Club took the floor with football uniforms.  After the gam got underway, everybody could understand the uniforms.

In a hard fought and tiring battle between the B.&P.W. and the P.T.A, the B.&P.W. won 32-28, Tuesday night, April 8, in the Augusta gymnasium.

The final blow of the whistle was greatly welcomed by all the players.


Baseball season will open at Augusta High School Sunday 13, 2:30pm at the high school field when The Devils meet Harding College of Searcy.

Coach King hasn’t announced his line-up.  (See article photo for predicted line-up)


“Grunt and groan” say the phy. Ed. Girls as they work on building pyramids for the May Day Program.

The Ark. Arch and The Struggle are two of the pyramids which the girls will perform.


Baseball practice gets underway for the second straight week.  Under the direction of Coach King, the team is gradually taking form.

Coach King stressed hitting, base running, sliding, and fielding in the first week of practice.  He rounded the second week with intersqaud games.

Forrest Lee Bottoms looks like the number one catcher, with plenty of help from Mack Harris.  W.R. Harris will probably get the nod on first base. Calvin Arthur, 2nd base.; Dek Collins s.s.; and Sonny Stowe, 3rd base, with Jake  King as utility man. The outfield will probably consist of Bobby McAlexander in left, Clay Busbea in center, and Mack Harris in right field.


Three Woodruff County Schools, McCrory, Cotton Plant, and Augusta will inaugurate a spring festival to be held from Friday April 18 thru Friday May 21.

Each school will participate with thirty minutes of musical numbers which have educative or appreciative value of a classical or popular nature.

The host school will select the most desirable date for their meeting.

The purpose of the entire festival is the fostering of a greater interest in music and creating a more cooperative spirit among the participating schools.  No element of competition between or among schools will be tolerated.


Monday night, April 14, The Home Ec. Girls are entertaining the Agriculture boys with a barn dance in the gym.


It’s spring and time for a good spring house cleaning- Cannon's Drug Store has a nice line-up of cleaning articles.  They also offer good sodas, sundaes, and milk shakes.

Have you been by Community Drug Store lately? Drop by before too long, they serve delicious plate lunches, sandwiches, and sweets, too.

If you are hungry for fresh vegetables, fruits, or meats, just call Ray’s Market and have them deliver your order. Phone I66

Oake’s has some pretty spring frocks, a few Doris Dodson dresses and several Shortie coats and spring suits.

Rive’s has a large selection of dresses new shippments arriving daily – pretty dresses – junt look in the window and you’ll see what I mean.

The E.H. Conner Mercantile and Co.  have an enormous amount of material for making dresses.  You can make a nice selection for spring and summer wardrobe.  They also have several styles of oxfords and sandals.

Getting low on school supplies? Run down to Ben Franklin’s 5 & 10 Cent Store and get a new supply and notice the stationary department, too, if you are a letter writer.

If you are planning to go hunting or fishing anytime soon, don’t overlook the M&M Hardware Store when looking for these supplies.



That talk in the corner at Porter’s sure is a nice place, especially, when you have some nice looking girls.  The Bug wants to congratulate Jim Mac, Paul H, and George Miller.

Speaking of nice looking girls, I think Augusta has more nice looking girls than any other town I have seen. I don’t know why some of the boys don’t go with our girls.  Maybe the boys are bashful.  You girls ought to get busy.  The thing that is wrong with the boys here is that they are just getting too much sleep.

Calvin Arthur and Mitzi White, Perry Galloway and Rosemary Massey aren’t doing too badly.  They were all together Sunday in a 1946 Chevie.  Hum-it.

Billy Gaither sure wasn’t doing too bad at the show the other night.  Just in case you want to know whom he was with, it was Nellie.  Every person knows Nellie.  You’re solid, Billy.

Parking on top of the river bridge is OK if you don’t want anyone to sneak up on you but no matter where you park the Bug Knows about it. I just can’t get over all these people who try to hide when they park.  They are usually the ones that get caught.

It seems that Craig and Paul were in a very big hurry to leave the “Y” Tuesday night.  Could it have been because Rachel and Rosemarry were afraid of being seen by some one.  Well whether you were afraid or not you were seen. So just let the good times roll, and don’t worry about nothing.

It sure is nice to have something to run around in, isn’t it Betty Jo?  Especially when you can take your boyfriend home.  I’ll bet you that Bryant thinks so too.

Well, well, what’s this about Dorothy Miller and Hugh Lindsey? This seems to be getting very serious.

Charles Boyles likes to play “Kick the Can” but “Rumors Are Flying” that he never gets to play.  It seems Mary Frances Rigg takes care of that.

Have you noticed Minnie’s new ring that Forest Lee have her? Oh! By the way it’s an engagement ring.

It seems as though Miss Ellenburg leaves precious things lying around for her class to see.  A letter was seen post-marked Boonesville, Missouri, and on the outside the name Pat in the left corner.  Could this be none other that Pat Rives? Well, Pat you strictly are on the beam.  Remember the Bug will always find out.


Because of the uncertainty of the date for the Federation Meeting in Quitman the F.F.A. Boys did not go go.

There has been quite a bit of classroom work here lately. After so much outside work this seems a bit odd.

The boys had a steak fry on Horseshoe Lake last Wednesday.  Some of the boys rented boats and tried their luck at fishing.

“T” Shirts have been ordered for the F.F.A. Chapter. They are white with the F.F.A. emblem on them.


After play practice Tuesday night, April 1st, the seniors entertained themselves with a singing and dancing party in the Home Ec. Cottage.  Refreshments were cokes and sandwiches.  The party was chaperoned by Mrs. Galloway, class sponsor.  The party was enjoyed by all.


The blueroom music of Joe Wood was the main attraction as the Harmony Hangout re-opened Friday night, April 4.

Harmony Hangout is sponsored by the B&PW Club.  This club has done a lot in recreation for the kids. They have ping pong, cards, and dancing.  There is also a snack bar with cokes, candy, and hot dogs.

There are two chaperones at every meeting to “check you in and out”.  There is no smoking, drinking, or courting.  The B&PW Club is to be complimented for this fine work.


In assembly, March 28, Mr. John Fryer, owner of the Ben Franklin store, talked to the student body about preparing for merchandising in order to become more successful in business. He stressed the fact that students acquire much experience by working in town before and after school, and that this experience would lay a foundation for further business training.


Second Grade News

Second Graders receiving Easter seals for a perfect spelling lesson Friday were Floyd Jones, Jimmy Fitzgerald, Mary Ethel Winston, Jerry King, Mary Eleanor Gregory, Arthur Ivan Preller, Maudine Julian, Frances Hunter, J.E. Grayson, Billy Penkey, and James Bough.

The second grade also had a Easter party Friday afternoon. They made baskets for sandy eggs. Mary Eleanor Gregory brought some records for them to play.

Third Grade News

We are beginning the study of birds this month. We are enjoying our new science books. Barbara and Julia Faye brought cocoons for us to study.

E.J. Brown, B.B. Nelin, Sonny Tatty, Billy Ford McCabe, James Raymond, Betty Fowler, Bettie Lee Hancock, Julia Faye Ligon, Marceline Lancard, Marceline Simmons, and Betty Ann Myrick have been perfect in the past five weeks of school.

3rd & 4th Grade

Those that made a 100 in spelling for the past week are: Annie Bottoms, Gerald Simmons, Roland Elam, Donald Tucker, Bobby Ray Brown.

We enjoyed an Easter party in our room last Friday. Micky Lambert’s side won the races.

In our activity period we are working on a radio broadcast to be given Friday afternoon. Sanford Boon is to be the news announcer.

Spring flowers were brought this week by Annie Bottoms, Albert Taylor, and Frankie Tyner.

Fourth Grade News

There are eleven pupils in our room with perfect attendance records for the past five weeks. The boys are competing with the girls in their attendance records. If they have the greatest number in their group with perfect records for this six week period, they will be furnished with entertainment and refreshments.

Fifth Grade News

Last week the fifth grade gave their last auditorium program this year. Bettie Allen Hall was the announcer, and Anna Margaret Angelo, Jean Branch and Virginia Lee Sparks played piano numbers. The others pupils presented “The Song of America”.


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Beth Baous, senior, has brown hair and blue eyes. She is 5’2” tall and weighs 109 pounds.

She entered school here at mid-term of her junior year from Ava, Missouri.

Beth’s two favorite subjects are English and Math. Her two favorite sports are tennis and bowling.

She is undecided as to what she will do after graduation in May.

J.R. Clark, senior, has black hair and blue eyes. He is 6’ tall and weighs 140 pounds.

He has spent all of his school years at Augusta.

J.R.’s two favorite subjects are history and typing. His two favorite sports are hunting and fishing.

He is undecided as to what he will do after graduation.

William Padgett, senior, has black hair and green eyes. He is 5’9” tall and weighs 130 pounds.

William came here from McCrory and entered in the 11th grade at mid-term.

His two favorite subjects are English and science. His two favorite sports are baseball and roller skating.

Charles Bryant, senior, has brown hair and green eyes. He is 6’2” tall and weighs 178 pounds.

Charles has spent all of his school years in Augusta.

His two favorite sports are football and hunting.


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Community Drug Store

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