• Michelle Lane

Classic Couples 2020

Updated: Feb 17

Today we celebrate Audrey and Ura Boyles - one of Augusta’s Classic Couples!

“We are most alive when we're in love.”

~ John Updike

Audrey and Ura Boyles - 1947

Dorothy Boyles O'Shields - "Their story began when they were older than most - 25 & 31, post WWII & Daddy’s years of recovery. Augusta was their anchor & mine. Momma always working at the Post Office (I loved the old one downtown, near the bank, with the big windows & “seats.” I especially loved going down there with her on weekends to check on baby chicks someone shipped.) Then Daddy’s anchor was the Mobile Oil Service Station where I ate so much candy all my molars has to be excised when I was 5-6, & I could jump on tractor tires trying to dislodge them from their rims to Daddy saying “quit sniffing that gas tank”.



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