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Classic Couples 2020

Today we celebrate Geraldine and J.C. Branscum - one of Augusta’s Classic Couples!

“There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.”

~ Jane Austen

Geraldine and J.C. Branscum - August 14, 1970

Becky Taggart Rubadou: "Parents and couples like Mr. JC and Ms Geraldine were what made the Augusta community go around. They produced some fine kids."

Geraldine and J.C. Branscum

Joelene Whitt: "This couple and their furniture store were a permanent fixture in Augusta."

There were also so many comments about Mr. J.C. and his love of fishing! The following perhaps sums it up best:

Bruce Branscum - "He taught me how to fish which will feed me and our family for life"

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